This is my brand. Growing up with a name that everyone found difficult to pronounce, I would give them this nickname they could call me by. My siblings came up with the nickname VJ because the V is the first Initial of my first name and the J is the first of my middle name. I have been using the nickname ever since. Something interesting about this design is that I would make variations of this design when I was younger, without knowing this would be my passion in the future. This excites me to continue my career in this field.
Logo Construction

The attributes I based my logo off of are professional, purposeful, dependable, direct and punctual. The color defines purpose in my logo, the dot represents punctuality and I associate the rest of my attributes with the overall feel of my logo. The font has clean lines and is mixed with rounded and sharp corners which is a great representation of myself as I carry some weakness in designing but also have a strong understanding in other areas.  
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